9.1 Options

At the bottom of the addon panel is the Options button.

Click it to open the preferences window and set some general parameters.

It is possible to choose the type of material: Nexus or simple PBR.

Nexus type builds a complicated setup of nodes that allows all the advanced functions of the addon.

Simple type, on the other hand, has a basic node structure, which is easier to decipher and modify at will.

Both node trees can coexist, even in the same object.

9.2 Options – 2

You can choose how often to check for updates (every 1 – 3 – 7 days).

You can set the size of preview and popup icons.

Show material popup label lets you have the material name under popup icons.

Show Download debug gives you additional informations during materials download.

Show Hidden sockets lets you reveal all hidden sockets of the node tree in the shader editor.

Auto UV map creates an UV Map when the object doesn’t already have one.

Smart texture limiter takes Eevee limitation of 24 textures per material into account, and it eliminates the excess textures, starting from the FX layers, down to the modules.

Show group options adds a dropdown menu on the shader node tree.

Questa immagine ha l'attributo alt vuoto; il nome del file è 34-1024x576.png

Safety paint UV Map prevents the UV layer of the texture paint from being selected if you’re not in Texture Paint mode.

Anti Crash On some computers there is an abnormal crash when adding a material.

The bug has been reported to the Blender Foundation; until the cause is understood, keep this active if you encounter any abnormal crash applying the materials.

9.3 Options – 3

You can choose Default Mapping type (UV, Box, Sphere, Tube).

Show Creator Utility turns on some extra panels in the shader editor, useful for material library creators (keep it off if you’re not creating new libraries, as it could damage existing materials if misused).

Purge ExtremeAddons Cache Removes stored data about Library path, User data.

Find lost images tries to find all lost images through targeted research.

Adjust all material Node Tree tries to adjust broken/unlink node tree or update on all data materials.