Save: Batch from Folder

Here is the last Save option which allows you to make multiple “Batch” saves.
If you have many HDR or EXR files, put them all in a folder, make sure that there are no other files of a
different type in the folder where you will put them, then you will have a similar folder
(In this example of EXR only) format similar to HDR
In this example I will use EXR files downloaded from, they are exr type background files,
they are free under license and are available at this

Example of Batch save

Computer Folder:

CHOOSE THE SOURCE FOLDER: Pressing the small folder on the right, you will have to choose the folder of origin of the HDR or EXR backgrounds, all the files of this type contained in the folder of origin will be saved in the category selected in HDRi Maker (In the “User” section).

BATCH SAVE: When you have selected the source folder, you can press this button to perform the multiple save (Batch save) of the backgrounds from your computer in the folder you have chosen

ATTENTION for this operation, I suggest to create a new category “Provisional” and to sort the saved backgrounds later. The choice is yours, remember that if the checkbox “Overwrite if the name exists” is active, if a background contained in the chosen category has the same name, it will be overwritten and you will lose the previously present background. Evaluate which settings are right for you.

During this operation, you can view the progress of saving the backgrounds:
You can cancel the operation simply by holding down the “ESC” key, the backgrounds saved up to that point will remain saved

Once finished, press the “Delete batch scene” button

Save: Panorama 360°


This option allows you to save a 360 degree photo (Render), so if you have a particularly interesting 3D scene, you can save it as a background, and use it as any HDR in your library.
This step needs some attention, as it would be better to understand what it does and how it works exactly. The rendering will be carried out exclusively with the Cycles engine, as it is the only one at the moment
that can carry out this operation, and in any case it is clearly superior in terms of quality compared to Eevee render.

You can choose whether or not to use the denoise and which type of denoise, 3 options are available:

No Denoise will be applied to the render
Classic Cycle denoise
Compositor denoise node will automatically be applied to the render

CUSTOM SIZE: When active you can manually enter the size (integer), i.e. if you enter 4, the image will be saved in 4k (4096×2048), with the advantage that by any number you enter, the ratio will be set automatically keeping the proportion. This means that you can also enter other numbers not available in the existing 1/2/4/8 /16k list

1/2/4/8 /16K list: If “Custom size” is disabled, you can quickly choose between the preset formats.

GPU/CPU MENU: You can choose whether to render the background with the CPU or the GPU, if by any chance the GPU run “Out of memory” the add-on will automatically switch to CPU mode. Be careful not to overdo it with huge formats, as the memory used will increase exponentially!

SAMPLES: The more the number of samples, the more you will have a better image, but the rendering time will be higher, so pay attention, you can test the potential of your computer yourself. We recommend using the “denoise compositor” from the menu to reduce the noise, and to save rendering time.

ADD 360 CAM ON CURSOR: Place a sphere on the cursor, which in turn will be the position of the 360 camera, which in turn will take a photo (Rendering) you can see the 360 sphere in that photo:

Once you added a “Camera 360” the menu will have new functions:

PANORAMA SAVE: This button will start the rendering, nothing you will have to do, everything is already set up to create an HDR background, you just have to wait for the operation to finish.

360 CAM ON CURSOR: You will be able to move the sphere 360 on the cursor, (Available only if you have already added the sphere in the previous step)

FIND CAMERA: If for some reason you no longer find the “Camera” (Sphere 360), this button will move the view to the sphere

Make sure that the sphere does not touch any object, otherwise the portion of the object will probably be made invisible (Clipping), so keep a correct distance, as if you had a real 360 camera (A little bigger for safety reasons)

Now you can close the Rendering window

Now in the HDRi Maker panel, you will see a message and a button that was not there before. This was created for security reasons, since the preview is rendered in a separate scene. In this case the scene has remained in memory, so do not worry about anything and press “Delete batch scene” to return everything to normality.

Your 360 degree background from your 3D model is now saved in your library. You can use it as you wish.

The format of the saved background is HDR, if you want to export this background, you will need to add the background to the scene, and simply go under
the “Save menu” and press the “Export image” button, then choose the destination folder and the name, and press “Export”

Save: Current Background


With this option you can save any type of background, even a procedural type background
This type of saving simply requires entering a name. In the background, in the “HDR Name” box, then press “Save background” the operation will take a few seconds, depending on the complexity of the background, and the size of any background image .

Remember to add a category (If you haven’t already done so), otherwise the background cannot be saved anywhere.

Once a background is saved, a new Preview will also be created, this is editable at any time.
A “Redraw preview” menu has been created, available only by selecting the “User” section:

The saved background will be shown in the preview, so you can change the light, color, rotation, tilt angle of the preview. It takes a few seconds (Depending on the power of your computer)

LIGHT REDRAW: Light intensity of the preview

SATURATION REDRAW: Preview saturation (0 = black and white)

CAMERA TILT: Inclination of the horizon

CAMERA UP/DOWN: Raise or lower the camera angle

CAMERA TURN: Left and right rotation of the camera

REDRAW PREVIEW: After your choices, pressing this button, the preview will be redrawn in a few seconds.

Cat Management Menu:

MOVE CURRENT BACKGROUND TO ANOTHER CAT: This section allows you to move the background currently displayed in the preview to another category, so you will have 2 lists: On the left the category of origin and on the right the category of destination. When you are sure, press the “Move” button and it will be immediately moved to the destination category (the one on the right)

RENAME BACKGROUND/CATEGORY: Allows you to rename previously saved Category and / or Backgrounds to another name

SAFETY DELETE: From this small protected menu, you can delete categories and backgrounds from your User section. When you press one of these buttons, an additional popup menu will ask you for confirmation, this to avoid an accidental error by deleting something importan

You will be able to confirm the removal of what you have chosen to Popup Delete menu:

Save Menu

Note: the menu varies according to the chosen library and “Save type”



Here is everything you need to know to
Save and Create your 360 backgrounds

EXPORT IMAGE: If the background currently in use was created with HDRi Maker, and has a background image, this image can be exported. Useful for example if you have lost the image files you used to create a “User” type background

SAVE TYPE: You can choose the type of save you want to make, there are 3 types available:

CURRENT BACKGROUND: Allows you to save the wallpaper currently in use. Useful if you have imported a background on the fly with the “Import” button. See the manual in the section where the interface is explained

PANORAMA 360: You can create a 360 background of your 3D model, for example, the interior of a house, or anything else, this allows you to save an HDR completely derived from a 360 photo (Render) of your model.

BATCH FROM FOLDER: This option is very useful for saving many backgrounds all at once. Then Each background contained in the folder indicated (More on that later will explain better) will be saved in a category at will. (The folder is good practice that only contains files of type HDR or EXR so as not to create confusion when saving

SAVE BACKGROUND: This button will change its name based on the option chosen, but the function will always be the same, ie “Save”. So later we will see how.

OVERWRITE IF THE NAME EXIST: If a background is already present in your library, and this box is active, it will be overwrit ten if the names match. If disabled, the names will take on an extension like: MY_Background_001 MY_Background_002. I suggest you leave it inactive, only on necessity if you need to overwrite a background, then activate it.

SAVE TO CAT: If no category has been created yet, an “Empty” message will be displayed. You will need to create a new category, and it will be displayed here. (In this case go ahead and I’ll explain how to do it)

HDR NAME: In this box you will need to add the name of the Background you want to save.

ADD CAT AND RELATIVE BOX: Here you can add new categories, just enter the name and press the add button, the category will automatically be available in the list. You can add them whenever you want, at least one category is required to save the background.

Water Effect

If you choose “Water Effect” from the “Shadow catcher type”
the new controls will appear

WATER TYPE: You can choose to use either
STATIC water (like a lake / pool / sea) or
FLOW (Like a river) The water is already animated, just start the animation on Blender (Play Button)

WATER SCALE: Wave scale size

WAVE SPEED: Water speed (This can change according to “Wave scale” and “Wave detail”)

WAVE DETAIL: Adds detail to the wave simulation

WAVE STRENGTH: Increases or decreases the height (Simulated) of the waves.

If you choose the “FLOW” simulation you can also choose the direction of the water flow.

All controls: adjust range, fade shadow, reflection etc. can be set to improve water quality.