Background Controls (Standard)

PROJECTION AND FOG MENUS: when activated open their own sections

ADD-SYNCH SUN: This button allows you to synchronize a “Sun” light with HDRi Maker, it
means that if you are currently using a “Solve” type light in the scene, it will automatically
be synchronized and can be controlled from this Menu

TRANSPARENT BACKGROUND: This box, if active, will make the background transparent (We have inserted this in the menu for convenience, as in Blender it is sometimes difficult to access this function)


FORCE: Regulates the intensity of the sun
INCLINATION: Adjusts the inclination of the synchronized sun
SUN ROTATION: Adjusts the rotation of the synchronized sun They will only work with backgrounds from / created / or imported (Image type) in HDRi Maker. So if the background is procedural, these functions will not be editable

HDRi LIGHT: Adjust the background light, then it will affect the scene by illuminating + or – the objects in it. (It is suggested not to exceed the value 2 for a good yield)

EXPOSURE: Adjusts the quantity of light as determined by shutter speed and lens aperture

COLORIZE MIX: Allows to add colors effects to the background

SATURATION: Adjusts the saturation of the background image (0 = black and white)

X,Y,Z: These are the background rotation values. The Z value is that of horizon rotation

MOVE BOTTOM: Useful if you want to make a small correction
of the height of the background, NOTE: Do not exceed with this
value, as it will deform the background –

BLUR: Increases the background dissolvence

HDRi Maker Panel

The “CATEGORY” selector allows to choose the category where the backgrounds are contained and organized. Simplifies the search for a background based on categorie

UP/DOWN ARROWS: They allow to change the Category simply by clicking on them

SEARCH LENS: By clicking on the name you can search by typing the name of the background you are looking for.

ADD: It will simply add the background chosen by the previews, this will replace what you are using (If you already have a background in use) otherwise it will add it

IMPORT: Useful if you want to import a background on the fly, you can choose any “Image” format compatible with blender. It is highly recommended to use “HDR” or “EXR” formats. The current wallpaper will be automatically replaced with the imported one (Porai will also save it)

MENU BARS: Each submenu bar will open a new menu, the menus change according to the selected section, therefore not all menus will be identical, depending on the type of Library used (Default or User)

Library: allows to choose between “Default” (the standard category of HDRi Maker) and “User” (the section dedicated to the backgrounds you crated and want to save). The “User” section, unless you have already saved backgrounds, will be empty but you can fill it as you wish

Indicates the indexed position of the selected category among all categories

LEFT/RIGHT ARROWS: It allows you to browse the preview backgrounds without having to open the image popup

STARS: The star is useful for finding the background used in the scene in the library. So If you have forgotten what the name you are using is called, simply by pressing the star, the preview will synchronize with the background in use.

REMOVE: Remove the background in use, so there will be no material applied to the background

1/2/4/8k: Before pressing the “Add” button you can choose the background resolution. To change the background resolution in use, choose the resolution and press the “Add” button. This is not available in the “User” section. User is a category dedicated to saving backgrounds, of any kind, even the “Procedural” type, because of it has no resolution, as it isn’t based on images. Although you can save any type of background.