How many computers can I use with a license?

You can install the addon on as many computers as you want, the license is used to install the libraries. So you will only have to move the license to another computer if you need to install it on another computer. Once the addon is installed, you may not even have the active license, it will work correctly. The license is for installation-upgrade only. So don't worry, you can install the addon on your computers.

How can I activate the license on another computer?

To activate the license on another computer, below you will find the address to reset the license, then click on Reset License (To do this you must be logged in on extreme-addons)

How do I update the addon to later versions?

If you have the Nexus version, you can update the addon directly in Blender. (Options -> Updates (Tab Menu) -> Update Core (The addon will auto update)

I bought some time ago and I want to upgrade to Nexus, how do I do it?

If you come from an older version than Nexus, for example: Extreme PBR Combo-Evo, you will only have to go to the marketplace where you bought it, access your orders download the new version, you will also find a PDF, so go to the useful links you find in that PDF. It's all explained step by step

How can I register the product?

This is the step to register your product and obtain the license to enter in the addon:

Are there any video tutorials?

Yes, on my channel you will find some useful videos, I suggest you subscribe to the channel and activate the bell to receive notifications:

How to move Extreme PBR to another computer?

Here a little guide:

Where do I download the materials from the Extreme PBR library?

This happens directly in the Extreme PBR addon, it is provided with everything you need to download the materials directly. Check the online guide, there is all the installation guide

Can I work offline with Extreme PBR?

Yes, absolutely, the license is only to Activate, Update the addon and download the materials.