What is HDRi Maker?

HDRi Maker is a very complete addon to make it easy to add 360 Degree Backgrounds, it makes the workflow very fast and it has a huge library ready to use.

How many backgrounds are included?

At the moment there are almost 500 Backgrounds Included

Can I use the backgrounds for commercial projects?

Yes, the entire Default library of HDRi Maker is provided under CC0 license, so you can use it even without citing the license. If you want to use the backgrounds contained in the Hdr Maps expansion, you can do it, but you will have to cite the author and the license

What is the Dome projection?

It is a function that projects the background onto an object, in this case a dome or a cube, in this way you can have a background that adapts to the shape of the object. This allows you to have a real terrain in the scene, and in addition to being able to zoom on the background (something that is usually not possible)

Are updates free?

HDRi Maker was born in 2019 and since then all users who have purchased the addon have received all updates for free. This means that if you buy the addon today, you will have access to all future updates.

If I bought a version that is not PRO, can I upgrade to PRO in the future?

Yes, you can do it, you will just have to buy the PRO version and you will only pay the difference in price.

Do I have to install all the libraries?

No, it is sufficient to install even only the 1k libraries, which occupy less than 1GB, the minimum to have HDRi Maker working.

Do I need a powerful graphics card?

My advice is undoubtedly yes, but it is not mandatory. The important thing is to have a VRAM large enough, at least 4GB

How much Video Memory is needed for 16k images?

Technically it would be useful to have at least 8GB of VRAM to run GPU rendering with such high resolutions

With which rendering engines can I use HDRi Maker?

Cycles and Eevee are the rendering engines supported by HDRi Maker, support for other rendering engines is not planned at the moment

Is there support?

Of course! Both on Blendermarket via message, and on extreme-addons.com you can find a chat in the bottom right

Can I use HDRi Maker on Software other than Blender?

At the moment support for other platforms is not planned, but it is possible that in the future there will be