1.71 Installation – Step 1 (Addon Activation)

Pay attention:

If you have already purchased the product on Blendermarket, or on Gumroad, you will only need to create a new account at https://extreme-addons.com/

If you already have a registered account, you just need to be logged in on the website https://extreme-addons.com/

Now, on step 1, let’s enter credentials to activate the addon.

  • *Mail/Password:
    • The email and password are those with which you registered on www.Extreme-Addons.com

In case of problems, make sure you have not copied and pasted the license with “Whitespace” sometimes it happens that copy paste also copies whitespace.

*Please note that the Mail and Password are the ones you used to login on Extreme-Addons website

Activate On This Computer

You will have to press the “Activate on this computer” button, this also allows you to check if the credentials are correct.

Move your license to this computer

In case you want to move the license to another computer, you will have to press this button.
This takes you to your extreme-addons page to reset the license on your profile: https://extreme-addons.com/my-account/ea-license/