12.0 Save Material Editor – Panel

This panel is dedicated to save your materials in a “User Library”, you can create your own libraries with your categories.

  • Render Engine: Choose the engine to render the preview of the material to be saved
  • Device: Choose to render with CPU or GPU
  • Render Quality: Set the render quality, the higher the more it will take time
  • Save Material: Save the entire material, including all nodes.
  • Save Module: Save only the selected “Module” (The saved Modules will be indicated in the preview with a small spherical icon at the bottom right)
  • User Category List: Choose the User category, where to save the material.
  • Add Cat: Add a new category (Fill in the field on the right first with the name of the category you want to create)
  • Icon Type: Choose what type of object to render the material on, it will become a preview icon.
  • Background: Choose the type of Background to render, it will not be visible, but different lights will be projected, based on HDR maps
  • Uv-R: Choose the UV Rotation on the render icon object
  • Uv-S: Choose the UV Scale on the render icon object
  • Delete Category: Delete the category and all the materials contained in it.
  • Delete Material: Delete only the current User Library Material.