CU 9.1 Change socket type

This property is used to change the type of Socket, the socket will remain in the same place, connected to any links within the module.
This is very useful for changing the type of Socket, so it will change the type of controls associated with it.

Below we have an example of the types of Sockets that can be used, they are practically all those available in Blender, some of them are not needed by Extreme PBR, we have left them, in the case of suggestions from users who can tell us what they think.

We suggest testing directly to find the best type of Properties to create your own custom panels.

  1. Color
  2. Float
  3. Float Angle
  4. Float Percentage
  5. Float Time
  6. Float Unsigned
  7. Int
  8. IntFactor
  9. IntPercentage
  10. IntUnsigned
  11. Vector
  12. Vector Accelleration
  13. Vector Translation
  14. Vector Velocity
  15. Vector XYZ