CU 9.92 Displace Alert

If displace is active, and this value is not the default value, Show the alert button next to the button displaced in the object’s materials panel. If the Displacement is in modifier mode. User alert useful for not breaking the displacement view.

Why this?

Because as in the case in the example, if the Vector properties are modified, the displace map will not be moved, so this will cause an inconsistency between “The UV displacement mapping” and the Mapping Procedurally modified by moving the vectors mapping of the material.
In fact, in the Extreme PBR panel we also have a panel to modify the UV mapping (Loc, Rot, Scale) which avoids this problem


If the Displace is set to “Modifier”

In this example, all the properties (Vector X, Y, Z) of the Extreme PBR panel have the “Displace Alert” property active, so if these values are changed, an alert button will be shown, as in the example here. right

Below is an example of the “Displace Alert” button, if pressed, it will restore all the properties with the “Displace Alert” active, to the default values.