Download Files

Step 1- Download Libraries “” files

Download the 19 zip files that are needed for the libraries, put them all in a folder, which must then be used.


Make sure that your antivirus software does not rename the zip files or modify them. The files must keep the ‘.zip’ extension.

Step 2 – Download the Add-on “” file

Download the add-on .zip file

(it will have a name similar to this: “”)

Important: Do not unzip the zip files!

Step 3 – Installation in 8 simple moves

Open Blender and uninstall the old version of HDRi Maker

ATTENTION: If this is your First Installation skip this step


Since the HDRiMaker 2 version, the libraries have been modified to work with simpleupdates(XPAND).

The upcoming Expansion Modules will be distributed in the future, so you’ll need todownload only the new libraries. (If you modified or added some libraries, you cansavethemwiththenewbackgroundsavingsystem)