Fog Menu

SHOW FOG: Check it to make the Fog appear as shown in FIG.2.

DENSITY: The lower the value the thinner the Fog (Value can go from Min ”0” to Max “2”)

LEVEL: Increases the height of the Fog. From just above the ground towards the sky when the Flip Top condition is unchecked

EMISSIVE: While using Eevee the emissive feature brightens the fog but doesn’t emit light. On the other hand in Cycles, when the Emissive value is increased, the Fog acts as a light source.

PATCHES: Creates empty spaces in Fog flow. The higher the value, the scattered the Fog.

P. SCALE: Increasing this value, causes the Patches to be bigger, scattering the Fog even more.

WIND FORCE: The higher the value, the faster the Fog displacement

DIRECTION: Like on a compass the direction can be rotated over 360°. Negative values invert the flowing of the Fog

The FOG Menu is an important feature that allows you to control its condition within a particular weather situation. Once you check its box, the FOG Menu unfolds. It is composed by several controls that has been set to give an optimized surrounding. It is up to you changing them to meet the conditions that suits what you are looking for.

FIG. 1
FIG. 2

MATERIAL PREVIEW MODE: Using this view mode it’s easier to check the Fog condition. In the upper image the Flip Top is active and the Fog direction is from Top to Bottom. In the lower image Flip Top is unchecked and the Patches have been increased causing the Fog to scatter. P.Scale also if increased, causes the Fog to produce bigger empty spaces (Patches).

FLIP TOP: Inverts the Fog original position. Instead of going from Bottom to Top, switches it from Top to Bottom. As seen in Fig.A

FOG DETAILS: Expands a menu allowing to choose among several options going from Very Low to Best. The Original position is named Default. Fog Details relate with the Render Properties in Blender (Volumetrics in Eevee) & (Volume in Cycles). For instance in Eevee the Very Low position acts on a Tile Size of 16px and 8 Samples while in the Best position the Tile Size drops to 2px ane the number of Samples increases to 128. On the other hand in Cycles the Very Low acts on 2 Max Steps while in Best the Max Steps is 128. This features has to be used carefully since the performance is seriously affected both from the quality requested as well as the machine you are using. (Rendering Time)