HDRi Projected

HDRI PROJECTED: When active creates a DOME where the background is projected.The dome can be adjusted through several controls. Furthermore allows to apply the background to almost any object.

MOVE X , MOVE Y and HEIGHT: These controls allow to move the dome through the three axes. Height is useful if you want to make a small correction of the height of the background. NOTE: Do not exceed with this value, as it will deform the background

DOME SIZE: Allows to resize the dome dimension

TOP LIGHT: Regulates the light intensity and fixes issues as reported in the next page.

SMOOTH WRAP: Object wrapping sometimes present unwanted edges. Increasing this feature‘s value the wrapping results softened

WRAP and UNWRAP: WRAP connects a selected object to the bottom of the HDRi Projection Dome (Ground)

ADD GROUND/REMOVE : ADD GROUND has been created to apply the active background to any object in the scene. As explained in the next page, you can apply the background even to an additional landscape (A.N.T. Landscape add on) and resize it, move it perfectly merged within the whole context . REMOVE: Removes the applied background.