Hologram Materials – Glitch

On top of texture animation you can add a Glitch effect, which will turn off some bands of the model on a random fashion or even shut down the whole material

Glc Speed (Full) is the base value of the speed of the whole Glitch effect. Glc Shutting down is the amount of the total shutdown of the material

Glc OSC Noise scale is a multiplier of the overall speed. Glc Phase shifts in time the noise. Glc Bands speed controls the speed of bands only

Glc Bands Strenght controls the strenght of the Bands effect. Glc Bands scale sets the scale of the bands

Glc Bands Thickness sets the proportions between bands and unaffected areas. Glc Bands distorsion adds a stretching distortion to make the bands less readable

If the material is applied to more than one object, you can activate the Glc Random Per Object function, to differenziate the Fx’s

The Glc World Coordinate button anchors the glitches to the world coordinates