Product bought on Blendermarket

Best way:

  1. Go to Your Blendermarket Order Page:
  2. Now in the order list you will need to find the ID of your order. Keep that in mind.

  3. (Skip this step if the previous one made it possible for you to get your Order ID)
    You can also find your ID in an alternative way By checking your mailbox, at the time of purchase you will have received an email with the receipt of your order (For a correct view of the email we suggest you avoid the Windows 10 mail service) Then search your email for “Your Receipt Blendermarket”
    You will find in your email the Extreme PBR purchase receipt, where at the bottom is your ID
    ( This is an example of a “Blendermarket Receipt”)

  4. Now go to “Register Product” Page:
    • Select “Blendermarket” (1)
    • Select Select the product you need to register from the drop-down menu (2)
    • Enter your order id in the box (3)
    • Enter Enter the email with which you bought on Blendermarket. (Attention, the email may be different from the one you registered with on Extreme-Addons.comSo here you will have to enter in effect the email with which you have your account on Blendermarket (4)
    • Press “Get License” (5)

  5. If the procedure has been completed successfully, your product should now be shown like this on the page