Save: Batch from Folder

Here is the last Save option which allows you to make multiple “Batch” saves.
If you have many HDR or EXR files, put them all in a folder, make sure that there are no other files of a
different type in the folder where you will put them, then you will have a similar folder
(In this example of EXR only) format similar to HDR
In this example I will use EXR files downloaded from, they are exr type background files,
they are free under license and are available at this

Example of Batch save

Computer Folder:

CHOOSE THE SOURCE FOLDER: Pressing the small folder on the right, you will have to choose the folder of origin of the HDR or EXR backgrounds, all the files of this type contained in the folder of origin will be saved in the category selected in HDRi Maker (In the “User” section).

BATCH SAVE: When you have selected the source folder, you can press this button to perform the multiple save (Batch save) of the backgrounds from your computer in the folder you have chosen

ATTENTION for this operation, I suggest to create a new category “Provisional” and to sort the saved backgrounds later. The choice is yours, remember that if the checkbox “Overwrite if the name exists” is active, if a background contained in the chosen category has the same name, it will be overwritten and you will lose the previously present background. Evaluate which settings are right for you.

During this operation, you can view the progress of saving the backgrounds:
You can cancel the operation simply by holding down the “ESC” key, the backgrounds saved up to that point will remain saved

Once finished, press the “Delete batch scene” button