Save: Current Background


With this option you can save any type of background, even a procedural type background
This type of saving simply requires entering a name. In the background, in the “HDR Name” box, then press “Save background” the operation will take a few seconds, depending on the complexity of the background, and the size of any background image .

Remember to add a category (If you haven’t already done so), otherwise the background cannot be saved anywhere.

Once a background is saved, a new Preview will also be created, this is editable at any time.
A “Redraw preview” menu has been created, available only by selecting the “User” section:

The saved background will be shown in the preview, so you can change the light, color, rotation, tilt angle of the preview. It takes a few seconds (Depending on the power of your computer)

LIGHT REDRAW: Light intensity of the preview

SATURATION REDRAW: Preview saturation (0 = black and white)

CAMERA TILT: Inclination of the horizon

CAMERA UP/DOWN: Raise or lower the camera angle

CAMERA TURN: Left and right rotation of the camera

REDRAW PREVIEW: After your choices, pressing this button, the preview will be redrawn in a few seconds.