Shadow Catcher Displace

Once the “Add displace” button is pressed, new controls will be shown

REMOVE DISPLACE: Completely removes all displacement effects from the selected plane. The subdivision will also be reset to “0”

SUBDIVIDE/UNSUBDIVIDE: Useful if you want to increase or decrease the number of polygons on the plane. Remember that too high a subdivision number causes Blender to slow down exponentiallly

SHOW WIRE: For convenience, you can quickly show the polygons (ie the edges) of the plane

DISPLACE: You can choose the type of map for the displacement, they are already available in the options, you don’t have to upload any image, everything is ready for use.

STRENGTH: This value increases or decreases the displacement

SMOOTH: If the movement is too “edgy” use this slider, to adjust and smooth

MIDLEVEL: You can adjust the global level of the displacement map.

SCALE: This value changes the scale, therefore the size of the movement, you can enlarge or reduce the mapping.

TRANSPARENT BACKGROUND: This box, if active, will make the background transparent (We have inserted this in the menu for convenience, as in Blender it is sometimes inconvenient to access this function)