1.77 Installation – Progress

Progress bars will be shown during the installation process.
You will be able to stop the installation when you want,
the material packs already downloaded are installed, so they will remain installed even when you cancel this process.

Installation Time Issues:

Problems with VPN / Proxy:
If you are using a VPN or Proxy and the download is slow, please Exclude extreme-addons.com from it, or temporarily disable the Proxy or VPN

The installation times:

It vary according to the internet speed and that of the computer in use, so during this step if you will install the libraries, keep in mind that the download time is not a speed test, it would be wrong to think this, as during this process, they are also installed materials. We did this in order to cancel the installation process, and pick up where you left off. So all downloaded materials will remain as such, the installation process can be resumed at a later time.