Product bought on Gumroad

  1. Go to Your Gumroad Library
  2. Choose the product you need to register from your Gumroad Library, for example “Extreme PBR”

  3. At the bottom of the Product Content, you will find a license key as in this photo, Keep in mind or copy this license
    Copy everything, even the dashes between one sequence and another.

    NOTE: You can also find the license code in the email you received at the time of purchase.

  4. Now go to “Register Product” Page:
    • Select “GumRoad” (1)
    • Select Select the product you need to register from the drop-down menu (2)
    • Enter your license key in the box (3)
    • Enter Enter the email with which you bought on Gumroad. (Attention, the email may be different from the one you registered with on So here you will have to enter in effect the email with which you have your account on Gumroad (4)
    • Press “Get License” (5)
  5. If the procedure has been completed successfully, your product should now be shown like this on the page