13.0 Shader Maker – Video Ctrl

Shader Maker Video, is a material that allows you to import a video, and make it easily animable.

  • Smart Video Start: Automatically sets the video to play immediately.
  • Play (Icon): Starts the Blender timeline
  • Scene Start: Enter the frame from which the animation should start.
  • Scene Stop: Enter the frame where the animation should stop..
  • Previus Step (Icon): Go to Scene start with the timeline
  • Timeline: Shows the frame where the timeline is located.
  • Next Step: Go to Scene stop with the timeline
  • Video Start: You can set the starting frame of the video.
  • Video Stop: You can set the stop frame of the video.
  • Video Loop: If activated, the video will be played in a loop
  • Preview Animated: If activated, the video will be animated

13.1 Shader Maker – Auto PBR

This Special Material allows you to Import Texture maps, downloaded on websites or created by you.
Once you have chosen this material from the library, the “Auto PBR” button will appear instead of the “ADD” button, pressing on it will open a File Browser window, you can select multiple or single image files.

Once you have selected the desired textures, press the “Import” button at the bottom right

Texture Nomenclature:

The textures you want to import must have this Enough standard nomenclature to be automatically recognized by Extreme PBR.

  • Diffuse:
    • _diffuse_xtm, _albedo, _basecolor, _base_color, _diffuse, _color, _diff, _dif, _col, diffuse
  • Emission:
    • _emission_xtm, _emission, _emissive, _emiss, _emis, _emi
  • Occlusion:
    • _occlusion_xtm, _ambient_occlusion, _ambientocclusion, _occlusion, _ao, ao
  • Subsurface:
    • _sss_xtm, _subsurface, _sss, _scattering, _scatter
  • Subsurface Strength:
    • _sss_strength_xtm
  • Metal:
    • _metal_xtm, _metalness, _metal, _metallic, metal, metallic
  • Specular:
    • _specular, _reflection, _mirror, _reflective, _reflex, _spec, specular
  • Rougness:
    • _roughness_xtm, _roughness, _glossy, _rough, _gloss, _rgh, roughness
  • Transmission:
    • _transmission_xtm, _transmission, _glass
  • Mask:
    • _mask_xtm
  • Alpha:
    • _alpha_xtm, _transparent, _alpha
  • Normal:
    • _normal_xtm, _normal_map, _normal, _norm, _nrm, normal
  • Bump:
    • _bump_xtm, _bump_map, _bumpmap, _bump, bump, height
  • Displace:
    • _displace_xtm, _displace, _height, _disp, displace